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Frequently Asked Questions


   Rapidshare General Queries
» What is Rapidshare?
Rapidshare is the world's No 1 File Hosting service provider. It is the 11th most popular website in the world and 13th most popular website in India.
» How good is the Download Speed?
Rapidshare supports all kinds of connections. If you are using a DSL-8.000 for example, you can download 100 megabytes from Rapidshare.com within 100 seconds. You will receive the maximum download speed that your ISP can provide. To know how to use download managers (IDM) click here

 The above screenshot shows Download speed from Rapidshare using IDM on BSNL Broadband Internet Connection (Home 500 Plan)

Please note many ISP's provide unlimited download packages but they restrict the download speed. In this case we cannot be a help. You may need to change your Internet Plan.

E.g BSNL provides an unlimited plan for Rs.750 how ever the download speed is locked at 30 KBps

The above screenshot shows Download speed from Rapidshare using IDM on a High Speed Internet (20 MBps) Net Connection

» What are Rapid-Points?
If you have 10,000 Rapid Points in your account you can extend your account for 30 days or Create a new account with 30 days validation for FREE. You can also buy additional download bandwidth. For this, you can go to the Premium zone  click on "Settings" go to Download Traffic Management option click on " Use accumulated RapidPoints " & hit save. The Rapidshare system will now automatically use your RapidPoints when your legal download limit is exhausted.
» How can I collect Rapid-Points?
a) Each time Free Users download your files, you gain points. You get a RapidPoint for each download, provided that the file is bigger than 5 megabytes and the user has not generated more than 3 RapidPoints in the last hour. Premium users can generate up to 255 points per day.

b) When you create or extend your Rapidshare Account you will receive 1,000 Rapid Points for every month. (E.g. 3 Months Extension 3,000 Bonus Points)

» How to convert Rapid-Points in to extra download traffic?
Go to Rapidshare Premium Zone click on "Settings" go to Download Traffic Management option click on "Use accumulated Rapid-Points" & hit save. The Rapidshare system will now automatically convert your Rapidshare Points in to additional download traffic when your legal download limit is exhausted.
» What is the Download Limit ?
A premium account enables you to download 5.00 Gigabyte per day, that’s byte. The volume not used is automatically transferred to the following day, up to a maximum of 25 gigabyte. If the complete download capacity is used up during one day, the premium-user is able to save another 5.00 gigabyte the following day.
» How to use a Download Manager with Rapidshare (Download Guide) or Which download-accelerators can I use?
Please go through the Download Manager Tutorial

Right now we have tested the following programs successfully: GetRight, FlashGet, GoZilla and IDM.
Please notice that due to the nature of the TCP-protocol and the fact that some download managers are poorly designed, its possible that your download logs show more traffic than you have evidently downloaded. However, this is not a bug within RapidShare because we log exactly the traffic leaving our network. The more streams you use in parallel, the more "overhead-traffic" might be logged.

» Which server should I select?
Rapidshare has servers all over the world its best to keep the settings at random but if you want to try then select one of them & save the settings, try downloading file, note down the speed & then change to another server, try downloading file, find out which server gives you the best performance & select it permanently. Rapidshare also has a server with TATA.
» Can I resume broken downloads?
Yes, but only if you own a Premium-account. With a Premium-account, your requests are sent through more complex server-routines, which also support download-accelerators. Those programs support resume of broken files and even segmented downloads. This means, you can download the same file with many streams, resulting in higher download-speed.
» Can I Search Rapidshare.com?
No. Not everyone wants his files to be seen by everyone. In order to protect privacy, its absolutely impossible to get files, whose URL's you do not know. There are various search engines available on the net.
» How long are my files hosted?
No limit. Nevertheless even we have to clean up our drives from time to time, so we will delete files that have not been accessed for 90 days or longer. For premium users this rule will only apply if there are more than 500 GB.
» Can I download using Premium account from different PC's simultaneously?
Only one IP at a time can download using Premium account one cannot download using Premium account from different IP's simultaneously. 
» Display of used traffic is shown incorrect?
If you are using a download manager that makes split or multi thread downloads the traffic may fallout higher. Since some program's are poorly programmed they will not only download one part, but will download the entire file again and again.

We suggest to check the settings of your download manager. You should download the files in only one part. Please note that the downloads from RapidShare.com work with third party download tools, but we do not support them.

Downloading with a web browser will not cause any unnecessary traffic. We suggest to download/upload with our RSM. The program allows premium users to download and upload files with a size of 2000 MB per file. Free users can only use this program for uploading and still have the 100 MB limit for uploads. The download can be found with this link:

http://rapidshare.com/rsm.html or download a stand alone version form http://rapidshare.com/files/85989422/rs_manager.rar.html or http://rapidshare.com/files/137002382/RapidShare_Managerv1.1_2008.rar

 If you are using IDM then download with few "Maximum Download Connections" one is preferable (To do so go to Downloads>Options>Connection> Select 1 or 2 Default Max connection numbers press OK

» Rapidshare Security Lock (Anti Hacking Precaution)?.
By locking your Accounts, you prevent the access by unauthorized third parties to your files, your password and email address, and to your RapidPoints. When the RapidShare-Security Lock is activated, the menu items "Settings" and "Convert RapidPoints" are locked and files can no longer be moved or deleted. All other functions remain available.

From within your Premium- or Collector's Zone, click on the red lock, located at the top left. You will receive a notification asking, if you want to secure the Account. When completing the steps, the system automatically sends an email to the email address provided by you, containing the access code. Please keep this access code safe. You will need this code again when accessing the above mentioned feature the next time. Please also ensure that before activating the security lock, you provide a valid email address. You can easily notice if your Account is locked or not, be the colour of the Security Lock: Green denotes "locked", red denotes "open".

If you forget your code then log into your Premium- or Collector's Account and click on the Lock. You will receive the instruction to enter the security code. Directly underneath this instruction, you can request a new code.
» My Account is Hacked what should I do?
If your account is hacked then please contact us with the same email ID that you have used to register your account.
» Can I access Premium account for anywhere?
Yes you can access premium account from any corner of the world.
» Can you suggest a download manager for MAC OS ? .
Download Manager for MacOS : Speed Download
  Trafficshare General Queries
» What is Trafficshare ?
Trafficshare is extra download quota, when ever a user wants to download more than his allotted download quota then he can purchase Trafficshare, so when his legal download limit is exhausted the system automatically uses Trafficshare
» Is Rapidshare Account Necessary for Trafficshare?
YES, without a valid Rapidshare Account it's not possible to credit Trafficshare extra download Traffic
» When does Trafficshare expire?
The TrafficShare balance does not expire, given that you have a Premium Account with RapidShare, providing that your Premium Account does not expire and is not further extended within 14 days. In this case any existing TrafficShare balance would be erased.
» Can I buy Extra Download Traffic (Trafficshare)?
Yes you can buy extra download traffic please visit our main page for pricing details. One can buy extra traffic share in slots of 100 GB, 500GB, 2500GB. Whenever you exhaust your FREE download limit the system will automatically use your TrafficShare download limit.

Go to Rapidshare Premium Zone click on "Settings" go to Download Traffic Management option click on "Use existing TrafficShare volume" & hit save. The Rapidshare system will now automatically use your Trafficshare Volume when your legal download limit is exhausted.

  Rapidshare Account Opening, Account Extension related queries
» Why buy from us?.
We are official resellers of Rapidshare in India we sell legal RapidShare accounts,

Rapidshare will not delete premium accounts generated by us for illegal premium accounts sale.
In case your Rapidshare account is hacked which is common nowadays we can immediately restore your account.
No need to have a ./Credit Card account you can pay in Indian Rupees with various payment options.
We can solve your payment related problems and most of the technical queries.
We are serious about our business and strive hard to provide the best possible customer service.
Local support in Indian Languages. No need to contact Switzerland support.

» How does Rapidshare Account Extension work ?
Suppose you have 15 days validation left in your Premium account and you extend your account for another month (30 Days) therefore 15 Balance Days + 30 New Days = Validation of 45 Days.
» What happens when my validity expires? Does money get automatically debited for extension from my account ?
Unlike other companies there is no automatic debiting. You need to repeat the purchase procedure to renew or purchase another product.
» How can I extend my Existing Rapidshare Account?
YES, we can extend any Existing Rapidshare account, please mention Rapidshare account number while purchasing.
» My Rapidshare Account Expired can I extend it ?
You can extend RS account within 14 days of expiry or else your points will be lost.
» How will I receive my Rapidshare Login Information ?
You will receive the login information to the email ID mentioned which happens to be your login ID with Adorn-India.com
  Payment Related Queries.
» How secure is the financial data?
We never store customers financial data, our payment is processed by a highly secure third party gateway. All the processing of the payment is done on the secured payment gateway server.
» How secure is your payment gateway?
For details on payment gateway security please click here
» What is the Order Processing Time?
Sr. No Payment Option Processing Time When will I receive my premium account ?
1 Debit Card Same Day Same Day provided that the Payment Gateway has authorized the transfer & the transaction is verified.
2 Credit Card Same Day Same Day provided that the Payment Gateway has authorized the transfer & the transaction is verified.
3 Cheque Drop in ICICI 2 - 3 Business Days Within 10 minutes of payment confirmation.
4 Cash Deposit in ICICI Same Day or Next Working Day (Next Working Day) Before 10 AM of the next working day after the cash drop.

(Same Day) If scanned/photo copy or transaction ID is provided.

5 DD Immediately on receipt On receipt of DD we immediately issue you the login info.
6 Cash Payment/Western Union Same Day Various cash payment options are available.
7 NEFT 1 - 3 working days When the amount is credited to our account

Order execution is not an automated service; a staff member will review & process your order as soon as payment has been received & confirmed, Credit Card transfers are verified and then processed. We try and send the product as soon as possible. We ask you to please be patient while we are processing your order. Please do keep in mind our working hours.

» I have not received my Product yet ?
1) There is a good chance that our email may have landed in your emails SPAM/BULK/JUNK folder so please check it.
2) The payment made by you might have failed or declined by payment gateway so check with the bank.
3) The payment details provided by you do not match.  
4) Personal details incomplete.  
  Miscellaneous Queries
» I cannot open files?
File Extension ".001,.002" use Hjsplit

File Extension ".zip,.RAR" use WinRAR or WinZIP

I cannot play video files ? use "Media Player Classic" it plays all video files. 
» How do I take a screenshot & Reduce File Size?
You will find "Print Screen" button on your keyboard press it to take a screen shot then go to START>PROGRAMS>ACCESSORIES>PAINT press Ctrl+ V or EDIT>PASTE then click on FILE>SAVE AS> select JPEG or GIF and click on SAVE
To reduce file size open the file in PAINT and save it as JPEG or GIF and click on SAVE

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